Skillz Black Aces is dedicated to the training and development of young athletes. Our proper coaching, guidance and instruction will help you to become a better hockey player. Through sport we will show the player what it takes to be a winner both on and off the ice.  Great HOCKEY players are great athletes first. Skillz Black Aces believes that by developing superior young athletes, we will improve the overall growth of quality young hockey players being developed.  

On a broader scale, the organization will show that society should not restrict the focus, terms, and arenas of the development of youth. Clearly, nothing could be more Canadian than the game of hockey, and by aiding in the development of hockey skills, we hope to show that minority youth deserve to play an integral role in the greater fabric of Canadian society.  Hockey is great exercise and keeps children active and healthy, but it does much more than that too, it teaches the values of a positive attitude, teamwork, dedication, discipline and hard work.  Skillz Black Aces is a non-profit organization. Every dollar raised goes toward the costs of ice time and tournaments.  

By sponsoring our team, you can take advantage of a great opportunity to prominently promote your business and your commitment to our community as well.  Thank you for taking the time to consider being our sponsor. Your support for minor hockey would mean a lot to our kids and their volunteer coaches.  

Please make cheques payable to Skillz Black Aces.

Thank you once again for your support.

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