Our Mission Statement;

  Skillz Black Aces is dedicated to the training and development of young athletes from all walks of life; regardless of their cultural background and their socioeconomic status.  Our approach to coaching includes development not only on the ice but off the ice as well. We pride ourselves on providing proper instruction, guidance and role models that will help our youth to become better hockey players. Through enhancing the skills in this sport, we will teach the player what it takes to be not only a winner but a competitor both on and off the ice.  Great HOCKEY players are great athletes first. Skillz Black Aces believes that by developing superior young athletes, we will improve the overall growth of quality hockey players in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

  From a social development standpoint, we as an organization are developing programs designed to engage youth in positive activities that also support our philosophy that “society may not restrict the focus, terms, and arenas of the development of our youth today”.  As Multiculturalism continues to be the design of the GTA, it is now even more important for us to be focused on providing opportunities for all ethnic groups regardless of socioeconomic status, to be able to pursue the opportunity to “learn how to play hockey”.  Within our organization we provide funding for individuals who are currently financially challenged on a sliding scale of need.

  Clearly, nothing could be more Canadian than the game of hockey. By aiding in this initiative, you too will be a part of the program. Together we can develop hockey skills and show that minority youth deserve to play an integral role in the greater Canadian society.

  Yours In Hockey,

Cyril Bollers

Cyril Bollers, President/Head Coach


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